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If you are submitting a dream, here are a few of the types of things that might be important to write down:  


*   Time of day


*   Any colours that stood out


*   Is this a reoccurring dream? how many times have you had it?


*   Any first impressions or feelings the dream gave you


*   If you see a person in your dream please include their name (if known)


*   Any thing, person, or place that seemed 'important' somehow

* Required

Can't get to a Spirit Cafe? Would you like a spiritual reading or a dream interpretation?  

Then join us here, in our Virtual Spirit Cafe.


Fill in the form here with your info and the treatment you would like, and our team will do a virtual treatment for you at our next Spirit Cafe. We will record and send you a mp3 recording as if you were actually sitting there!

As always we rely on the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God) as our source.


If you are requesting a Spiritual Reading, it is not necessary to tell us anything about your situation, and your word will likely be more meaningful to you if you don't clue us in.