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Here are 5 things we ask of every group who want to use the name Spirit Cafe.


1. The Spirit Cafe must be run by Spirit filled, born again Christians, who operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and who have an expectation that God wants to encounter people with His love, mercy, grace, and power.


2. All treatments are to be offered FREE of charge and advertised as such.


3. Spirit Cafe Training presented by Harvest Ministries must be attended/watched by at least the team leaders of your Spirit Cafe.


4. Spirit Cafe Menu should not deviate from the wording as seen in the menu example in the Spirit Cafe Training Workbook, except to subtract treatments if team is not available. (i.e. removing Dream Interpretation if no team member is qualified) *Anyone wanting menu graphics is welcome to request them from Harvest Ministries.


5. Members of the public who have ‘treatments’ should be given an opportunity to: respond to God, invite God into their lives, pray salvation prayer, ask God to cleanse & forgive etc., depending on what God did during the treatment.


6. Read training manuel. Using the trademark Spirit Cafe 


*Please refer to the example scripts for each treatment for ideas.


If you would like to get a copy of the training please contact us


First and foremost we need to have a desire and a heart to win the lost. To reach out to the ones the Father is desperate for, with his heart of love and compassion.



Luke 15: 20 - 24


Thinking of starting your own?  


We believe that it's time for the church to step up, because the truth is, if we don't speak, someone else will!


We love the Spirit Cafe and truly feel like we stumbled into something HE is doing.